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 Colorful Egg Layers 
Mohair Yarn
All Natural Pasture Raised Rainbow Eggs
Beautiful All Natural Rovings 
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If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
Our chickens are pasture raised and given an all  natural , antibiotic free diet
Exquisitely soft yarns and rovings are available as well as raw fleeces

Our products are all natural, antibiotic free using humane and sustainable farming techniques

We selectively breed our chickens for colorful eggs and occasionally have some available to add to your flock. We concentrate on blue and dark brown egg layers but have a rainbow of egg colors
Our excellent quality mohair is available as raw fleeces, rovings and yarn in various natural colors. Mohair is incredibly soft and has a luster that wool does not. It also dyes beautifully. 
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All Natural Pasture Raised Rainbow Eggs
Colorful Egg Layer Chicks 
Mohair Shawls and Afghans 
Chicks sometimes available. Contact us for more information